Supplier Information

U.S. Cellular® is committed to building solid vendor relationships and creating opportunities for all vendors, including minority- and woman-owned businesses.

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Efficient Invoice Processing

We strive to process all invoices efficiently. In order to do so, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • All invoices should be typed or computer generated.
  • All invoices must include an invoice number, invoice date, a remittance address and a “bill to” address.
  • Invoices with purchase order (PO) numbers must reference a current PO number (e.g., 45XXXXXXXX) and the email address of the person who requested the goods.
  • Invoices without purchase order numbers (non-POs—i.e., our requests for goods or services that did not include a purchase order) must include at least one of the following:
    • Name of the person making the request and their location
    • Email address
    • Cost center
  • The default method of payment is through an ACH electronic funds transfer to your bank account. You will need to provide the ABA routing number of your financial institution, as well as your account number prior to invoicing.

See PO and non-PO sample invoices.

Submit PO Invoices to:

U.S. Cellular

PO Box 628430

Middleton, WI 53562-8430

Submit Non-PO Invoices to:

U.S. Cellular

PO Box 620989

Middleton, WI 53562-0989

Our Commitment to Diversity

We think creating opportunities for minority-, woman-, and veteran-owned companies to enter the U.S. Cellular supply chain is good for business. We think you will, too.

In order to standardize our processes and ensure quality within the certification process for minority-, woman- or disabled-veteran-owned businesses, U.S. Cellular will accept certifications from these recognized certification agencies:

Prime Supplier Program

As an additional step toward fostering diversity, we encourage all current and prospective suppliers to participate in our Prime Supplier Program.

Prime Supplier Requirements:

  • Responses to RFQs must contain a diversity supplier plan.
  • Every contract awarded over $100,000 must include a diversity component.
  • Suppliers must submit annual plans and quarterly results measuring progress toward diversity goals for supplier performance/quality reviews to our

Supplier Ethics

U.S. Cellular is committed to following and promoting professional, ethical business practices.

We invite all suppliers to compete for our business and those suppliers can expect a level playing field. We have no hidden factors in evaluating suppliers and submitted proposals—all relevant decision criteria will be spelled out in advance of soliciting a proposal.

Supplier selection is done on the basis of the price, quality and timeliness of the products and services they offer.

Our Approach:

  • When appropriate, preference may be given to reasonably priced, high-quality suppliers located in our service areas, and to TDS business units that submit competitive bids.
  • We also consider establishing and maintaining multiple sources of supply to better ensure continued deliveries and reasonably priced high-quality service.
  • We welcome the opportunity to partner with minority, women and disabled veteran business enterprise certified vendors where such vendors are competitive on price, quality and timeliness.
  • We reserve the right to reject any and all proposals and not be bound to accept the lowest bid for any materials, products or services submitted. Non-acceptance of any proposal will not imply any criticism of or deficiency in any proposal. Non-acceptance will mean that another approach was deemed by U.S. Cellular to be more advantageous.
  • Our employees are prohibited from accepting gifts or gratuities from our suppliers. While our rules do allow for limited exceptions for items of nominal value, the offer or acceptance of gifts is inappropriate and discouraged. Under no circumstances will our employees solicit any gift or gratuity.
  • All TDS employees, associates and members of the board of directors are required to act ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law and our Code of Business Conduct.